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Your brand matters.

About us

At Farmshed Co., we know every business has a mission whose success depends on communication. We exist to provide clear, excellent, and customized branding helping businesses grow by connecting their purpose and product with people.

Our goal

It isn’t about us. Your brand is your story and We want to be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker. Our goal is to connect you to your audience and create brand loyalty. We do that through our five standards of creating compelling brands that communicate your vision.

We Meet

Setup a phone call or meet in person to hear your story and learn about your vision.


We go to work creating thumbnails, sketches, and concepts that will accomplish your vision.


We present you with a fresh brand that will propel you forward in meeting your goals of connection with your audience.


The fun part of launching your brand to the world.

Farmshed Collective has taken our business and helped us grow exponentially.

Grace Pearson

Farmshed Collective has really helped us to communicate with our audience in a fast effective way.

Louis Evans

I am so proud of you and think everything you do is amazing.


Our team is here

We have a team of web designers, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, and copywriters ready to help you with your vision. Whatever the task, we are up to uncover the best way to tell your story.